Segal Family Foundation partners with outstanding organizations improving the well-being of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. They are building a community of creative collaborators. They bring together visionary grassroots organizations and progressive donors to implement, refine, and scale the most effective, locally appropriate solutions. The Segal Family Foundation focusses on the following primary areas; youth education and employment, adolescent sexual and reproductive health. In their active partnership, they provide flexible funding, capacity building resources, and opportunities to learn, network and celebrate with their community of changemakers.

During their 2016 Annual Meeting held in Kampala, Uganda between 10-13 th , they opened up space for the first Youth Delegates. It became apparent to the foundation that it is important to have youth representatives in spaces created to help youth develop. They chose 21 Youth Delegates from around Africa for the inauguration of the Youth Track forum.

I was among 4 Kenyan delegates and represented Akili Dada. Akili Dada is a leadership incubator that focuses on developing the next generation of female African leaders by providing high school scholarships, fellowship grants for community based projects, mentorship and leadership training. The organization is a grantee of Segal Family Foundation, and offered me a fully catered for scholarship at Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta inclusive of leadership training and mentorship programs. Akili Dada currently funds students in Precious Blood Riruta, Loreto Limuru High School, Kenya High School and Mary Hill Secondary School.

During my application, I highlighted my entertainment show, The Chartlist, that focusses on music, engaging, educating and empowering the youth. I also focussed on a project I am working on to help alleviate unemployment among the youth that I hope the government will jump on. The Youth Track had different activities that sort to have delegates share their experiences from their countries and come up with effective solutions to problems that face African youth. It was also an opportunity to build relationships and connections across Africa.

During their award ceremony, I was surprised with an award as the Segal Young Rockstar 2016. An award that celebrates innovative youth that seek to help develop Africa through creative community projects. I am the inaugural Segal Young Rockstar as this has been the first Youth Track forum and I am ecstatic that the first award went to Kenya and Akili Dada.

Check out some of the cool shots from the forum below.

Mad love as always,

Sharon Kate Ng’ang’a.

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